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Product description: The Mini Doge Pro, manufactured by Goldshell, is a compact, high-performance miner designed for the Scrypt algorithm. With a maximum hash rate of 420Mh/s and a power consumption of only 400W.


Key features:

Manufacturer: Goldshell

Model: Mini Doge Pro

Mining algorithm: Scrypt

Maximum hash rate: 420Mh/s

Power consumption: 400W

Goldshell Mini DOGE PRO

  • All orders will be shipped according to the delivery batch in the order. The machine will be dispatched from the warehouse within 3 to 7 days.

    We always ship as quickly as possible.

    Products are shipped via (DHL Express/UPS). International delivery usually takes approximately 6-12 working days.

    NOTE: All payments made in crypto currencies are exchanged directly with us in USD/EUR, if a refund is required for any reason it will be refunded in USD or EUR value at the current crypto currency price.

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