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About us

Since 2020, we have set up our Miner farm in Alsace, so we have established relationships with the biggest suppliers to fulfil larger orders.

As a result, we have gained experience in the installation, management and optimisation of our Miners. For-Mining carries out numerous installation and consultancy assignments throughout France. Since 2021, we have also had our own premises in Alsace.

Our company

For-Mining d'Omicron 21 is positioned as the French company linked to the cryptocurrency mining sector that can best support you. For-Mining is an entity belonging to the company OMICRON 21 SAS. We are a professional French bitcoin and altcoin (crypto-currency) mining machine company, focused on the sale of multi-brand mining machines, with the main objective of making these technologies accessible to everyone. 

Our philosophy

With For-Mining, you can come and meet us in Alsace and see our facilities and premises without any worries.

We are completely transparent about our work, our stocks and our services. What's more, we'll support you from A-Z in all your future projects.

Our team

We are a team of 7 people who are passionate about blockchain and technology. You'll find Quentin Hopp on hand to support you from the initial stages of your project through to the purchase of your equipment, as well as providing after-sales service.

Michel Hopp takes care of the technical side of your project and handles our logistics. Grant and Andrew, based in Canada, look after the hosting and smooth running of your machines. Arthur oversees the marketing/communications side of the business, while Carla handles the administrative side. Finally, Mr Schalk looks after our accounts.

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Quentin HOPP

Michel HOPP

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Expert mining

Logistics Manager

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Arthur Quintana

Marketing and communications manager

Carla SAIX

Head of Administrative Management

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hosting asics mining


Manager Hosting Canada

Manager Hosting Canada

  • 1. What guarantees do you offer on your mining machines?
    We offer a standard 12-month guarantee on all our mining machines. This covers manufacturing defects and technical problems. For more details on our warranty conditions, please contact us directly.
  • 2. How are deliveries made?
    All orders are shipped according to the delivery batch in the order. The machine will be dispatched from the warehouse within 3 to 7 days. We always ship as quickly as possible. Products are shipped via DHL Express or UPS, and international delivery usually takes around 6-12 working days.
  • 3. Are there any customs charges?
    We manage customs and door-to-door operations. Taxes and duties are included in the price displayed on the website. The customer therefore does not need to pay any duties or customs charges for the country of dispatch. All deliveries are made from our premises in France.
  • 4. Do you offer a hosting service for mining equipment in Canada?
    Yes, we offer a solution for hosting mining equipment in Canada, with centres located in Sherbrooke (Quebec) and Montreal. Hosting your mining machines in Canada has several advantages: a naturally cool climate for efficient cooling, competitive electricity rates often from renewable energy sources, making mining more economical and environmentally friendly. What's more, our technicians monitor and maintain your machines to ensure optimum performance. Contact us for more information on rates and availability.
  • 6. I don't know how to install and configure a machine. Is this a problem?
    No, absolutely not. We'll guide you through every step of the process, including configuration, installation and, if necessary, repairs, providing you with detailed, personalised support.
  • 7. Can people really come and see you at your premises?
    Yes, you can visit us at our premises located at 24C RD 201, 68390 Sausheim, in Alsace. Since 2021, For-Mining has had its own premises, we are completely transparent about our work, our stocks and our services. By coming to meet us, you will be able to see our installations and discuss directly with our team. These meetings allow us to receive valuable feedback and enrich our relationship with you. Please contact us in advance to arrange a meeting.
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